I'm Ali,

and I grew up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and I feel most at home with my trusty 5D Mark IV in the fascinating mountains of Banff, only an hour away. In my early twenties, I first started wedding photography practicing on friends, families and relatives before learning the subtle means of posing couples for engagement and weddings shoots, not to mention creating exquisite portraits in and out of the studio. Some of my favorite pastimes outside of wedding photography include shooting impressive architecture around the world, as well as nature and wildlife.

From photographing weddings in London and Paris, to celebrity events in L.A. and Cannes; from creating beautiful engagement photos in the mountains, to beautiful family photos in the studio; and from capturing candid moments, to dramatic portraits, I am grateful to have had many opportunities in my life to continually develop my skills and my love for photography.

If you would like to get in touch to chat about an upcoming event that requires photography work, don't hesitate to click the contact button below. We can always meet at a local coffee shop of your choice (with covid-19 safety protocols of course), or talk over the phone, or zoom, whatever works best for you.

During our conversation, we'll go over what the occasion is, and exactly what kind of photography you are looking for to perfectly complement the occasion (style, aesthetics, etc), and most importantly, we'll talk about how to perfectly attain the images you want. After all, we get several chances to get it right, but only one chance to get it perfect.